One If By Land

One If By Land

The first of our summer travels for 2017 is one that I made alone.  Since Joel and I are landlocked again, his summer schedule is less flexible due to that pesky four-letter word that starts with a W and rhymes with twerk.  So, we switched things up a bit, and I got to do some solo-traveling to start off our summer travels.  And boy, did I get pick a good one.  Welcome to my Northwest Territory Road Trip! The following pictures captured just how variable the terrain and vegetation are in the Northwestern states, namely Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. The majority of these photos were taken along interstates 82 and 90, which parallels the original Oregon Trail.  Without further ado, here are some pictures from part 1 of the trip (from Boise, Idaho to Yakima Washington).

The dynamic landscape, intense grade shifts, and tight switchbacks in the mountains and foothills of the Cascades gave me a new appreciation for the emigrants on the Oregon Trail (and made me very thankful for modern innovations like shocks and air conditioning).  *Side note- if you’re a fellow millennial or are just looking for a good, quick laugh, watch this parody movie trailer for the Oregon Trail.  You can thank me later. Most of my journey followed the same route, and many road signs sported names like “Dead Man’s Pass,” or “Coffin Road”.  However, there was one particularly well-named mountain peak that merited my stamp of approval.


🙂  Stay tuned for my next post, which covers Snoqualmie Pass to one of my favorite places on earth, Seattle, Washington.

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